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  Mission Statement  


To teach students wholesome morals, responsibility and to provide the tools to become lifelong learners.

Educational Philosophy

Great Oaks’ academic program is comprised of both traditional and research-based methods of training young students. A solid Christian foundation is fostered along with a nuturing and supportive learning environment. Parents/Guardians are in the vanguard of their children’s learning experiences. Teachers, administrators, support staff and parents/guardians must cooperate to educate each learner.

We believe that all children can learn.

  About The School  

Great Oaks Elementary School


Create, stimulate and perpetuate excellence


Stand tall, stand strong, stand

Historical Statement

Great Oaks Elementary School was founded in 1993, established as a private non-denominational Christian School situated in East Flatbush, a multi-cultural, multi-socio-economic community chartered by the University of the State of New York Education Department. Great Oaks Elementary School was established to assist parents seeking to educate their children in a Christ-centered and supportive educational environment. Teachers, administrators and parents work together to prepare children to be moral, responsible life-long learners for their community.


  • Promote Christian values and ethics
  • Promote and practice a research based progressive curriculum. The curriculum is aligned with New York State and New York City Academics Educational Standards. Academic and cultural literacy is emphasized.
  • Promote reading and writing across the curriculum.
  • Promote good health and physical fitness through sports and games.
  • Promote an appreciation for music, poetry, drama, the visual arts and the diverse aspects of American culture.
  • Promote a concern for nature and preservation of the natural environment.
  • Promote an awareness of the community and be involved in the community.

How We Teach

Our faculty is experienced, qualified and implements into practice a range of teaching, instructional and learning styles. Our teachers offer a rich cultural diversity and experiences from their Caribbean, Latin American and American cultural heritages.


Great Oaks Elementary School is located at 4718 Farragut Road (between East 48th Street and Schenectady Avenue) Brooklyn, NY 11203. It’s  close proximity to major bus routes (B46 & B8) makes it easily accessible. Transportation is available at a reasonable cost to those who require it. Bus passes are also provided for students.

Need to Know


Orientation meeting for new and returning students is hold in August, for all parents/guardians. Parents/guardians will be notified for the date and time. Prior to the orientation parents/guardians are advised to read “The Essential 55” by Ron Clark and discuss the rules with their children, since this handbook outlines values of Great Oaks Elementary School.


The New York State Department of Education diagnostic and evaluative test: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Standardized independent tests: Iowa Test of Basic Skills. Students are regularly tested by commercial and teacher-made tests at least three times.

Students are recommended and maybe accepted to the following programs: A better Chance, Prep for Prep 9, Teak Fellowship, Wadleigh Scholar Program, Math and Science Institute, Hunter College High School and New York City specialized High. Referrals are based on the child’s academic performance, attendance; behavior and parental interest New Students entering school are required to take a placement test.


Prior to admission, each student is required to submit a Department of Education New Admission Examination Form. This is in compliance with the New York State laws. Failure to do so will delay student’s admission. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All Parents/Guardians must notify the Principal/Vice Principal “orally” about all mandated medications that must be used on school premises.

All medication must be kept in the school’s main office; the child will come to the office to take his/her medication. The school does not administer medication.

Example: Asthma pumps, tablets, pills, etc.